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is to educate, engage, and empower.


Hip Hop Fundamentals is an award-winning team of diverse professional Breakdancers dedicated to Hip Hop Education.

We are the world's only Breakdance education company combining academic and social content with the world's most dynamic dance form.

As certified teaching artists, seasoned performers, and battle-tested dancers, we are passionately driven to inspire audiences and participants of all ages. 

We've worked with schools, community sites, cultural/social organizations, museums, educational conferences and government agencies to bring our unique method of Breaking education to youth and adults.




We believe that learning is most effective when it is fun and interactive. Dynamic breakdancing, inspiration, and education combine with lots of audience interaction for 50 minutes of fun, excitement, and learning. We are represented in NJ, Eastern PA, and California by the Young Audiences national non-profit, and all K-12 school programs are priced at around $1155 plus a small travel fee. All performances are appropriate for large K-12 audiences.

Contact us on this site for availability, more info and to book today. For theatrical performances and college collaborations, we are proud to be a part of the Cadence Arts Network.

The Principles of Hip Hop

Explore Hip Hop's rich cultural history and how underserved inner-city youth changed the world. As our longest-running program, this show focuses on youth empowerment, diversity, creativity, and working together, embodied by Hip Hop's four principles: Peace, Love, Unity, and Having Fun!

Civil Rights Movements

This ground-breaking program focuses on student involvement in the American Civil Rights movement through dance, audience participation, and a variety of interactive activities. We tackle racism, segregation, and the struggle for freedom in a safe, fun, family friendly atmosphere of Hip Hop. 

Breaking: The Laws of Physics

Ready to learn Physics in a brand new way? This interactive assembly program teaches States of Matter (solid, liquid, and gas) through breakdancing.


Dancing molecules, interactive 'experiments', and genuine fun all come together to provide K-8 students with a science experience they'll never forget. 

Hip Hop for Health

This assembly's message is to 'eat healthy, drink healthy, and move more'. But making healthy choices can be difficult for young people. This interactive program follows one young man's journey through a typical school day. What choices can he make and what are their consequences? 



and professional development

As certified teaching artists, we strive to provide top quality, inclusive, and effective instruction to all the students we serve. 


Our grant-winning in-school and after-school residencies can range from single workshops to long-term multi-session experiences.


Contact us today for pricing, booking details, and to discuss how we can best serve your school or community site. 


in-person workshops & 


For groups of up to 30 students, our workshops and afterschool programs teach the dance basics of Breaking through drills, games, and team-building exercises. Students will create their own moves, learn Breaking foundation, and work in groups to begin the path of true Hip Hop Dance.

arts integrated residencies

The recipient of multiple Picasso Project Grants, our residencies work with your school's classroom teachers to teach academic or social themes through dance. Students are guided to create their own original dance pieces, culminating in a performance. Minimum of 8 sessions required.  

professional development

Why should the youth have all the fun? We have presented numerous interactive lessons geared towards professional educators and adults. Appropriate for educational conferences, in-school PD, and corporate retreats, sessions can be centered around:

- Teaching Arts Integration

- Bringing Dance into the Classroom

- Corporate Team-Building

- Creativity and Collaboration

movemakers philly

If you're in the Philladelphia area and are interested in ongoing instruction for youth and adults, check out our affiliated dance studio MoveMakers Philly. With classes for ages 3 and up, we are proud to be lead Breakdance instructors for the city's most inclusive studio, dedicated to teaching true Hip Hop dance in its purest form.



Questions, visions, or collaborative ideas?

We take pride in our ability to fit our dance education into your community's needs.

Send us a message today and let's build together.

photography by Frank Veronsky and Tony Kruth


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