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our mission

is to educate, engage, and empower.

Hip Hop Fundamentals is an award-winning team of diverse professional Breakdancers dedicated to Hip Hop Education.

We are the world's only Breakdance education company combining academic and social content with the world's most dynamic dance form, created by the Black youth of the 1970's Bronx.

As certified teaching artists, seasoned performers, and battle-tested dancers, we are passionately driven to inspire audiences and participants of all ages. We are here to help you with at-home learning and virtual services. Can't stop, won't stop!

We've worked with schools, community sites, cultural/social organizations, museums, educational conferences and government agencies to bring our unique method of Breaking education to youth and adults. Contact us today to find the program right for your youth.




We believe that learning is most effective when it is fun and interactive. Dynamic breakdancing, inspiration, and education combine with lots of audience interaction for 50 minutes of fun, excitement, and learning. We are represented in NJ, Eastern PA, and California by the Young Audiences national non-profit, and all K-12 school programs are priced at around $1155. All performances are appropriate for large K-12 audiences.

Contact us on this site for availability, more info and to book today. For theatrical performances and college collaborations, we are proud to be a part of the Cadence Arts Network.

now booking virtual shows!

Our virtual version of our longest running show is perfect for your classroom! This 45 minute long program is appropriate for grades K - 12 and is easily live-streamed to your students via Vimeo. We guarantee a fun, interactive, and enriching experience.


Participants will:

- experience dynamic live dancing

- learn about Hip Hop History via pre-recorded documentary-style segments

- be prompted and engaged to think about simple questions and engage with us via the chat feature

- learn about the Black cultural roots of Hip Hop

- learn that children can create art and change their world for the better

- try out some traditional dance moves (both standing and on the floor)

- engage with material with an interactive post-performance activities handout



REsidencies & more



Groups of up to 30 students learn the basics of Breaking through drills, games, and team-building exercises. Students will create their own moves, learn the cultural roots of Hip Hop. Guaranteed fun and engagement!

arts integrated residencies

 Our grant-winning residencies work with your school's classroom teachers to teach academic or social themes through dance. Students are guided to create their own original dance pieces around themes such as literacy skills, science, or history. Minimum of 8 sessions (and 1 planning meeting with teachers).  

Hip Hop recess

Your students need to play and socialize, especially if they are looking at screens all day! Let us provide a fun and fast paced virtual recess with Hip Hop activities centered around creativity, SEL, and peer interaction. In this new virtual landscape, let Hip Hop give your youth a chance to move, chat, create, and explore.

pre-recorded activities

We have short (3-5 min) medium (7-15 min) and long (45 min) pre-recorded sequential lessons if you want to incorporate Hip Hop dance into your activities without the hassle of live scheduling. Then, continue learning with follow-up PDF activity sheets. Contact us to find the best series of videos for your youth, or for custom built content! 

private lessons

Do you have a special student who learns best one-on-one? Does your student love to jump around with endless energy? Channel that power with private Breaking lessons. We have had great success teaching our affordable Zoom-based privates!


Questions, visions, or collaborative ideas?

We take pride in our ability to fit our dance education into your community's needs.

Send us a message today and let's build together.

photography by Frank Veronsky and Tony Kruth


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